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Estate Planning

Regardless of your overall net worth or whether you think your estate will be subject to an estate tax, there are many non-tax reasons to engage on the subject of estate planning.

Estate planning offering

Your dedicated Echelon advisor will advise planning and ongoing investment management practices based on your financial situation, including guidance on estate-planning strategies.

  • Customized planning from a dedicated advisor
  • Tax-smart investing methods designed to help minimize taxes on your investments
  • Straightforward investing advice and guidance
  • Get support creating an organized synopsis for your attorney
  • Uncover tips and resources for finding and working with an estate attorney
  • Get clear next steps to help maintain your plan

Estate planning awareness

Learn the basics about estate and gift taxes, wills, trusts, and other essential concepts so you can plan your estate with confidence.

  • Estate planning basics
  • What is a will?
  • What is a trust?
  • Tips for estate planning conversations
  • Caregiving & aging

Learn strategies of taking action on your estate plan, including what to consider as you choose the people who will support the process.

  • Choosing an executor, health care proxy & others
  • Estate planning strategies by a beneficiary
  • Estate planning strategies by asset

Ensure beneficiaries get the most from your legacy by keeping your plan updated and maintained.

  • Reviewing & updating your estate plan

Estate planning management

Estate planning is vital to your financial wellness. It can give you more incredible wealth, privacy, and certainty over your legacy.

You have many alternatives when it comes to estate planning.  At Echelon, we want to make sure you have the assistance you require along your journey by partnering with a dedicated advisor.