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Breakaway Advisors

Going independent has never been simpler – we have the experience, and your back

We believe in the fiduciary standard of care. We were formed by experienced advisors who, rather than seek conformism from others, understand that all advisors are exclusive and that each has their path toward a common goal: our clients' best interest.

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Business development tools that offer your team a distinctive and driven advantage.

⦁ Complete Middle and Back-Office Support

When your business requires client advisory creation and back-office support, we have the resources to deliver it.

⦁ Advanced, Intelligent Technology

We know how fast financial technology evolves. We partner with the best-in-class innovative technology firms and constantly add to our tech stack. If you're working with a technology you love, we'll successfully help implement it.

⦁ Open Architecture Design

Use the custodian you desire, the technology you wish, and the investment vehicles you want, among all our leveraged resources. You are the CEO of your business to lead, which has a one-of-a-kind approach. We're here to help you flourish.

⦁ Advanced Financial Planning

There is planning, and then there is fiduciary planning; this is the latter. Our financial planning support is the best in the business.

⦁ Compliance and Legal Support

Compliance is an advantage, and our compliance and legal teams stand ready every day to ensure that our advisors and clients are well cared for.

⦁ In-House Marketing and Communications Support

Take advantage of our very own automated client communications, brand collateral, coaching, newsletters, social media counsel.  Our team will help eradicate the obstacles which often delay the execution of marketing.

⦁ Progressive Business Planning

Our business owner clients require a seasoned team who identify all opportunities as we seek to guide them with their best possible financial exit strategy.

⦁ Investment Management

Led by an extensive group of experienced wealth management professionals, our team collaborates with our partner firms to ensure that our clients access multiple strategies that fit their unique needs.

Trust the Process: How Echelon Eliminates Surprises from Advisor Transitions

When it comes to transitioning advisors, we "trust the process." We excel on the details, the practice, and our experienced professionals guide our advisors seamlessly through a transition while preserving client integrity and obligations.

After decades of knowledge and first-hand experience managing numerous advisor transitions, we have four key priorities to our process: