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Tax Planning

Tax-bracket planning is the foundation of any wealth management plan.

Income Protection & Asset Preservation

Our professional responsibility doesn’t end with building your wealth. You must protect it. To give appropriate recommendations for safeguarding your income and preserving your wealth, we will need to understand your income sources, both now and in the future.

Our strategy selection will be time-bound and focused on the most promising withdrawal strategies.

Investment Planning

We use a sharp, proven blueprint to establish your Financial Wellness plan.

Proper investment planning starts with your investor profile: the specific goals, time horizons, and individual risk tolerance.

  1. Household balance sheet
  2. Financial, social, and human capital needs
  3. Household Cash Flows
  4. Fixed and discretionary expenses

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning affects everyone, whether you’re planning for your retirement or a business owner ready to establish a retirement plan.

We will approach your retirement planning milestones from three fronts: a retiree risk profile, risk management techniques, probability-based, and safety-first strategies:

  1. Focusing on employer-sponsored plans
  2. Social Security or other government programs
  3. Individually owned plans

Retirement Savings, Social Security, Disability, Pensions, and Stock Options are many considerations we will explore.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning can help you answer the difficult question of “How will my family and dependents financially manage if I die or become disabled?” It’s a subject many of our clients may not want to address, but if a loved one depends on you financially, it’s a topic you cannot avoid. Insurance protects you from having to abandon or compromise your future goals if the unexpected occurs.

We can help you blueprint the unexpected by uncovering your needs, answering your concerns, and crafting an insurance plan to protect your financial goals.

  1. Medicare
  2. Long-term care
  3. Annuities

Education Planning

Over the past decade, few of life’s essential needs have increased more than higher education costs. The education planning process begins by defining your children’s or grandchildren’s goals and formulating a plan to achieve those goals.

The planning process encompasses asset allocation, tax planning, estate, generation-skipping planning, asset protection planning, and financial aid considerations.

Estate Planning

Regardless of your overall net worth or whether you think your estate will be subject to an estate tax, there are many non-tax reasons to engage on the subject of estate planning.

Beyond minimizing the tax bill, we can direct you in crafting an estate plan that addresses many fundamental issues such as who gets what, when, and how much, who’s in charge; charitable intent; and end-of-life considerations.

Special Situations

Special situations are any life event such as divorce, elder care, or even mental health addiction that forces dramatic change and places financial and emotional stress on you and your dependents.

Planning for special situations requires wealth managers, like Echelon, to use their insurance, investment, and tax planning skills to create an effective solution.

Business Planning

The majority of business owners have no written succession plan. Tying their wealth to their business equity creates a lack of formal succession planning that could be financially and emotionally devastating.

Debt Management

Most of us are unavoidable for various types of debt, such as home mortgages, car loans, and education loans. Other discretionary debts, such as credit cards or outstanding loans, can risk your Financial Wellness.

Quickly getting elective debt under control should be your No. 1 priority so you can obtain the funds necessary to focus on growing your all-inclusive wealth management plan.

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